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Cathy Schenkelberg is squeezing her cans again in a hilarious romp into and out of Scientology – through song! Her dulcet tones weave a story of decisions made, characters unplayed, and aliens. Come see the cabaret that takes a musical journey off the yellow brick road and into another dimensions of this wacky cult. Featuring songs like: “You’re Awesome”, “Let’s Clear The Planet”, “Oh Davey Boy”, “Xenu Made Me Do It”. Cathy is excited to present this evening that pokes fun of the religion that sucked nearly 2 decades and $1m from her life!

And please come see Cathy perform her original hit show ‘Squeeze My Cans’ at Assembly Rooms, George Street @ 3:10 pm (4:25pm) 3-27 August (not 14,21)

Q&As for Squeeze My Cans Again in Broadway World:

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