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Where’s a Hero when you one, or two…or how about an entire race of heroes?

The sleep hero in all of us might be dozing, but this is a show with a wake-up call to begin new love affair with our long-neglected mother earth.

It’s a heartfelt invitation to experience a never-before-seen mix of climate science, psychology, philosophy and surrealist dance in which we attempt to remake ourselves just in time for a remaking of the worlds.

But how do we love a planet is we can’t even love ourselves?

The answer might be to start with a bromance between two climatic “Clark Kents” who would love to joggle your inner snooze button and have you leap into this delightfully unhinged show about finding the hero under the covers.

Join us on our quest to awaken sleeping heroes everywhere, in a performance that will playfully stretch what’s possible in an hour but could be many lifetimes in the living.

Philip and Stephen made a promise to each other in a yurt in a field in Devon that they would reinvent themselves from life as an acting barrister and an OU lecturer to create this unique show for its world premier in Edinburgh, so don’t miss the chance to see a show that might just save the world…

Fringe Management are delighted to be producing ‘The Hero Who Overslept‘, and have presented over 40 shows at the Fringe for the last 18 years and won the Spirit of the Fringe aware in 2002.

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