Fringe Management, LLLC, is a theatre management and production company.   We specialize in providing consulting services for live stage artists in all aspects of their productions, including, but not limited to venue booking, production design and execution, stage management, marketing and performer travel and accommodations.  Fringe Management has consulted and produced throughout the United States, Southeast Asia, and the United Kingdom, with a particular emphasis on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Since we have produced over 35 shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, we have experience and expertise in all facets of producing a show at the Fringe, from booking the right venue and time slot to promotion and marketing to finding suitable accommodations for performers, and everything in between. Basically, in return for a flat, all-inclusive fee paid to us, we work with you (based on a mutually-agreed budget which you fund) to make sure your show is presented in the best light possible and reaches the maximum potential audience.

Getting the Right Venue

The Festival Fringe is an “open” Festival, so any show which has found a venue in which to perform will be permitted to participate.   The most important decision you will make regarding the Fringe is where – which venue – and when – what time slot – to book your show.   Even though there are several hundred venues, the competition for the best theatres and time slots can be fierce, which is why our relationship with the major venues is so valuable to a first time (or even a returning) performer.

The better venues get booked starting as early as January, which is why we strongly urge companies or individuals who want to perform at the Fringe using our services to contact us as early as November or December in the year prior to the festival.

In addition to obtaining a favourable time slot in a preferred venue for your show, Fringe Management will help you with marketing, including flyer and poster creation and distribution, publicity, including helping you with the critically important entry describing your show in the Fringe Programme and other guides and the engagement of an experienced publicist to try to get the right critics in to see your show as early as possible, and promotion of your show on social media and other channels.

Administrative Functions

We handle all of the administrative functions for your show, including the submission process to the venues, Fringe registration, contracts, and box office.

Travel and Accommodations

We can assist with flight and train reservations, and will locate and lease appropriate housing for your cast and crew as needed and desired.


To the extent necessary and budgeted, we can assist in sourcing set dressing and props, projectors, musical instruments and anything else you need locally to produce your show.   We can also coordinate load in and load out, and supply and supervise tech crew/stage managers as needed.

How Much Does it Cost?

The overall production budget which you would be funding depends on the needs of the particular show. Our fee for the services described above also varies, depending on the complexity of the production, cast size, and other factors. Please contact us for a quotation of our fee and a preliminary estimate of the total budget.